Terms & Conditions


  Start and End date:

– 15th May 16th July.

How a winner will be chosen (Competition):

– The winner of the category will be chosen by a judging panel. The selection process will take place

on the day before the main event, which is scheduled for the 3rd of August in Johannesburg, South


How a winner will be contacted (Competition):

– The winner of the category will be contacted on the 2nd of August, one day prior to the event, to

inform them of their success.”

How the winner will obtain their prize:

– The winner will be announced on the day of the main event, which is scheduled for the 3rd of

August 2024. They will then collect their award during the event.”

Customer Support (Email and Phone):

– starsnominees@shinningstarsafrica.com) and phone number +27 78 334 9339 both direct or


How the shortcode works:

– – SMS your nominee to 35073 SMS costs R3 – 1 sms = 1 vote.

Requirements from WASPA:

The SMS fee of 3 Rand per SMS per vote applies, and there is no free SMS option available.

Participants are encouraged to cast as many votes as they wish, with each SMS being charged at the

rate specified. Contact Number( +27 78 334 9339 )

An indication that network fees may apply:

– “Please note that participants may be subject to network fees for using our service. We advise

individuals to check with their mobile service provider for details regarding any applicable network


LogicSMS membership and complaint procedure:

– “LogicSMS is proud to be a member of WASPA (Wireless Application Service Providers’ Association).

If participants have any complaints or concerns regarding our services, they can complain with

WASPA. For more information on how to complain with WASPA, please visit [WASPA’s website] or

contact them directly.”


Suspension or Termination:

– “Please be aware that LogicSMS reserves the right to suspend or terminate the services of any

customer who fails to comply with the terms and conditions or other contractual obligations. This

action may be taken at our discretion and without prior notice.”


Content takedown:

– “Please note that LogicSMS reserves the right to remove any content hosted as part of the service if

it is deemed illegal or upon receiving a valid take-down notice. We take the integrity of our services

seriously and will act promptly to address any content that violates our policies or applicable laws.”


Handset compatibility requirements:

– “For handset compatibility requirements, our service is accessible through any smartphone with a

network provider. No specific SMS application or additional software is necessary.”


Prohibited uses:

– “Prohibited uses of the service include the use of fake names, IDs, and fake emails. Additionally,

engaging in illegal conduct, copyright infringement, or sending spam is strictly prohibited.

Participants must adhere to these guidelines when using the service.”


Parental permission:

– “Our services are intended for individuals aged 16 and above. Users under the age of 16 must

obtain permission from a parent or guardian before using the service.”


Bill-payer permission:

– As a paid service, the use of our service must be authorised by the bill-payer. Users are required to

obtain permission from the bill-payer before accessing and utilising the service.”


Shining Stars Africa Awards will not use the service for the following :

– To internationally engage in illegal conduct.

– To intentionally engage in illegal conduct.

– To knowingly create, store or disseminate any illegal content.

– To knowingly infringe copyright.

– To knowingly infringe any intellectual property rights.

– To send spam or promote the sending of spam.

– The terms and conditions for any service must not contain clauses that contradict the


Requirements of this Code of Conduct.

– A statement that the service must only be used with the permission of the bill-payer (for paid


– A statement that the service must only be used with the permission of a parent or guardian (for

children’s services).